Clickmedia a Family Owned Business

Brendan had worked in this family business, founded in 2000 for over 5 years when the owner Martin told him he was ready for retirement and planned to sell up. Faced with the prospect of working for a new employer some real soul searching was required and never having owned a business the choice was stark; to make a bid or go through the difficult process of finding another job. Brendan having worked in the business for so long knew that Clickmedia was a great company, with a solid local reputation and a quality customer base.

In 2011 he told his family he wanted his own family business.

He knew he could do it; it was just a matter of believing in him and stepping out into unknown. Brendan’s prior experience was in corporate marketing in the finance industry, a big chunk of which was print buying. This was followed by many years as an account/business development manager in the print industry, he knew the trade, he knew how to manage accounts and almost 5 years on he knows a lot more about running a family business.

Martin was delighted that the Clickmedia name would carry on and that he had passed the business on to another family.

Quality & Service

The print business is a price-competitive field with customers often overlook quality and service for price. The challenge for a quality-driven company like Clickmedia is to hold the line on quality and performance while remaining competitive. It has paid off, with Clickmedia maintaining a portfolio of blue ribbon customers and sales steadily increasing.

A Shared Work Ethic

The staff at Clickmedia share a strong work ethic and a consultative approach to the way things should be done. With experience in marketing, design and printing customers can expect and receive full end to end service.

When asked why Clickmedia is successful as a family business, Brendan said, “We genuinely love what we do, and we all share a strong work ethic. And, we all get a lift when we drive around our city and see our work. We enjoy knowing we’ve been a part of helping customers build their brands.”